Tuesday 15th May 2012

Shadow’s daughter, Dora (Avril) is not very well. She had a very bad poorly tummy and it turned out that somehow she had swallowed a plug and chain and it was wrapped around her intestine. She had to have an emergency operation to remove it yesterday, together with other debris that she had eaten. However they think there may be something else wrong too and they’ve taken a biopsy. Shadow, Aristotle and Amigo were very subdued when they heard and are all very worried about her as of course is my Mistress. She says she feels so helpless and wishes there were something she could do, but apart for praying for Dora we have to trust that she is in the best of hands with the vet. We’re all thinking of you, Dora.

On a completely different note it is now unlikely to rain for the next twenty years. Now, I know it feels as though it has rained for the last twenty, but my Mistress finally called time on her old ‘waterproof’ and consigned it to the ‘only to be worn in drought conditions’ pile as it’s no more capable of keeping water out than a colander. Anyway, she’s always wanted one of those Driza-bone stockman’s coats. I’m not sure why. She has no stock. She is not Australian and lacks the sense of style to look cool wearing it. However, that is what she wanted and I am pleased to say that it arrived yesterday. The coat does look great, but I can assure you that whichever way round she turns she most certainly does not look cool wearing it, particularly not when wearing it around the house. It is also guaranteed that all future dog walks will be dry and she will not need it.

I wish I could have captured on camera the point yesterday when Shadow and Aristotle were playing tug of war with a rope while using the settee as a trampoline. It was sort of bounce – tug – bounce – tug. It was quite remarkable.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00583ZGSA

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One Response to Tuesday 15th May 2012

  1. Rooo – we want photos of the ugly-but-kind-of-cool coat *Waggy tail*
    My human bought a really expensive raincoat a couple of weeks ago when they said it was gonna rain all May – now she is really excited every day she gets to use it and puts her matching wellies on. I’m worried I might get a coat next!

    We’re keeping all our paws and fingers crossed that Dora’s op went well and that she’ll be feeling better soon.

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