Thursday 17th May 2012 – I’m grounded

I’m writing this from the discomfort of Ari’s crate. Ok, discomfort is too strong a word, he’s spoilt, but the point is I don’t have a crate. I don’t need a crate. I can be trusted. I have free run of the house. However, I also beat up Amigo and argue with him at every opportunity. So we’ve been broken up. I said he could go elsewhere, but apparently it’s my behaviour that was out of order. Can you believe that? Sweet innocent, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, me! I know my Mistress was busy yesterday with the business launch and she did not have time to keep breaking up feuding dogs. It didn’t help that Shadow has decided to be protective of her sons and turns on me at a moments’ notice. Today I have to be a good boy – otherwise it’s back in the crate.

Anyway, the launch went really well. Sales stated and everyone seemed very happy with the progress. It means my Mistress was in a good mood, which was only partly marred by having to wrestle each of us in turn as we are sharing conjunctivitis between us. I can honestly say that wrestling 30kg of squirming dog that doesn’t want cream in his eyes is no mean feat. I was only marginally less uncooperative when I was told there was marzipan available if I was a good boy. Amigo’s eyes were so sore that he said he’d stay still even without the marzipan and Ari tried to retreat into the washing machine, but still failed to get away. We have to have the stuff twice a day for seven days – that’s going to be an awful lot of marzipan in bribes! Either that or Aristotle is going to find himself going through the spin cycle!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

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  1. Rooo – I feel so sorry for you guys. I had to have eye drops for my hayfever last spring and I hated it!

    My human says she can’t even begin to imagine the effort of giving five wiggling Entlebuchers eye drops every day and she sends her sympathies to your mistress!

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