Friday 18th May 2012 – My Mistress is looking stressed.

It’s not going well. I have been trying to protect my pack and Amigo is not my pack. I haven’t been vicious towards him, at least not when Shadow is around as she has a nasty habit of sticking up for her sons. It’s the natural urges I get. Deep in my brain is the need to cover the scent of Megan from non-pack members. I can’t help myself. It’s not really doing anything wrong. Ok, I know peeing in the house is always bad, but my deep seated need to take care of the pack that I thought I was the leader of has just taken over. I found myself confined to the kitchen last night while Megan was with my Master and the others were with my Mistress. Amigo didn’t have such a good day either. He seems be going through a phase of wanting to do unspeakable things to the sofa. Neither I nor Ari have ever had urges like that so we just looked on in awe. It’s a good job the sofa can’t talk! Anyway, those sorts of things will be short-lived. Little does he know that he has already been booked into the vet for castration next week. He is at least going in on the same day that Shadow is going for an x-ray, so she will be able to look after him. The sofa is going to be very relieved!

In amongst it being a bad day, when my Mistress went to get the bucket to clear up after me Amigo managed to knock into it and sent disinfectant filled water all down my Mistress’s leg and into her slippers. She took her slipper off to get rid of the excess water only to find that the sole seems to have disintegrated. And all that was before she even started the relay race of doing our eye-drops. I’ve never seen her so happy to find it was bedtime!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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