Saturday 19th May 2012 – She is not playing fair!

My Mistress is being totally unreasonable. She is analysing our behaviour and then seeing if she can find ways to make us sort out our differences. Yesterday we all went outside, well all apart from Megan. My Mistress took the great big bag of tennis balls that she bought on e-bay and she started making us play ball. I don’t mean just a little bit of playing ball with one of us at a time and chance to rest when she asks us to drop the ball. No, I mean a big bit of ball in which she stands at one end of the garden and throws a ball to the other end and as we are haring back to her, without chance to catch our breath, sending the next ball down the garden so that as one, we turn on our heels and chase back off down the garden. Now bearing in mind that Shadow is very good at bringing the ball back (goody four paws) and that the bag has fifty tennis balls in it, we did an awful lot of running at full pelt. We ran until we dropped, or more to the point, limped to a standstill. Even Shadow was totally flaked by the end of it and she’s fitter than the rest of us. Ari couldn’t face his tea and Amigo and I called a temporary truce on the basis that it’s hard to remain at war when you are asleep. Once would have been bad enough, but at the first signs of us regaining our energy she took us out and did it all again. I think Shadow is now planning to sleep until around a week on Tuesday as she did more running than anyone and the house is remarkably quiet. Of course it helps that Amigo has gone for a sleepover, but I’ve been told that if I misbehave I’m going to be made to play ball! What kind of punishment is that? It’s some sort of dog psychology torture. It’s not fair!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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