Sunday 20th May 2012 – A Quiet Day

With Amigo away for a sleepover and all of us still pooped from the ball game on Friday, yesterday was a very quiet day. I didn’t actually get up very early. We normally get up about 7am, but my Mistress had a lie in until 8 and when she did get up I just rolled over and cuddled back under the duvet. I only had another half hour as Aristotle was upset that I hadn’t come down and he wouldn’t eat his breakfast until I joined him. It’s nice to have someone care so much that they won’t eat until you are with them.

For reasons I cannot begin to understand, both Shadow and Megan had a go at me yesterday. I’m not aware of having done anything to provoke them. Obviously I’m a boy that can often be enough where girls are concerned, but Aristotle didn’t get on the wrong side of their annoyance so why me? I’m a soft centred sort of guy. I admit I can look a bit fearsome, but only if you catch me in a bad light. Apart from that I’m as soft as the next dog, softer than most. Then they wonder why I cling so closely to my Mistress and why I get so upset when anything separates us. My Master had the audacity to accuse us of being joined at the hip. How ridiculous is that? Our hips are at completely different heights and even if I could walk on two legs as well as Aristotle can we still wouldn’t be able to move if we were joined.

Amigo is coming back at teatime today and we’ve all been threatened with another ball game to use up our energy. I’m off to sleep for the day in preparation.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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