Tuesday 22nd May 2012 – A bizarre phone call

The hospital rang my Mistress yesterday. “Are you feeling ok?” They asked. She explained that she was just on her way to get some paracetemol and was bit tired and achy. “Have you got a temperature?” They asked. At this point, my Mistress had to think carefully, but concluded that she didn’t think she had. Anyway to cut a long and rather odd story short, they told her that the sample she’d sent in last week showed her to have some low level long named type of influenza which needed treatment. So she was packed off to the doctor’s to collect some drugs that should make her start to feel rather better. She’d put the aching down to the amount of dog walking she was doing and the tiredness down to working quite hard. It just goes to show you.

We’re not a well household at the moment. Aristotle is quite poorly too. He has had sickness and upset tum. He was so lethargic he barely moved from his bed yesterday. He’s going back to the vet today and may have to stay in under observation. Poor little lamb, he’s lost quite a bit of weight so we are worried about him.

In the meantime both Amigo and I have been banned from the office for making too much noise. It turns out when we can’t actually be quite so near my Mistress then we find less to argue about, which is much better. Even I thought it was getting a bit out of paw, but we’re both rather stubborn and neither one of us is prepared to back down. I’ve been told to be nice to him so that he feels more welcome, but it’s hard when he keeps saying he’s having the job of head male in the household. That is my job and I’m not sharing it with anyone, especially not him.

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