Thursday 24th May 2012 – Sorry Little Buddy

It’s Amigo’s big day. Today he will become as little of a man as I am. From today, the only entire male (of the dog variety) in our household will be my little friend Aristotle and he’s no threat to anyone! It’s ironic that in the week that both Amigo and Aristotle have started cocking their legs in earnest that Amigo’s masculinity is being reduced. I was younger than them when I started the whole leg cocking thing, although to be fair I would have been better to wait as with my lack of coordination I ended up falling over once in a while, which is very undignified mid-pee!

When he gets home I’m guessing he’s going to be hoping for some tender loving care and rest and relaxation, or he can come home to three of us ready to pounce on him! Shadow won’t take part, not only because she sticks up for her son, but she’s at the vet’s today too and may be feeling a little fragile. Hers is just an x-ray. A check up, to make sure she is ok to have another litter, there is no reason to suspect there is a problem, but my Mistress wanted to be completely certain given Ari’s poorly elbows. Having said that Ari says he’s feeling much better now and really isn’t limping very much at all. He’s having a scan next week, so we will know for certain about that too.

My Mistress made the mistake of reading up on the thing the hospital says she’s got. It is never wise to read medical information, particularly when you have the condition and when you only have limited understanding of the big words used. She should just have settled for not feeling very well and had done with it.

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  1. Aww poor little Amigo – the worst thing about having an operation is the cone of shame you have to wear afterwards!

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