Friday 25th May 2012 – A Happy Household

Amigo has the most beautiful little row of stitches and is sulking. He said he hadn’t really understood what was going to be happening to him. He looked longingly at Aristotle and as he looked across at me I just shrugged, “He might be losing his before long too, so I wouldn’t get too envious!” He spent most of the day chilling out feeling sorry for himself and says he is planning to spend today in much the same fashion if it’s all the same to the rest of us. I was a little bit horrible to him, but Shadow had a word with me. It was along the lines of “You do that again to my son and I’m going to make you regret it.” Now, I’ve known Shadow for a while and I know that when she says something like that she means it. I was nothing but courtesy to him after that, at least while Shadow was in the vicinity. Don’t you just hate those kids that go running to their Mummies ‘So and so wasn’t very nice to me.’? Well, it turns out that Amigo is one of those kids!

I did hear from my buddy Tino the Rabbit, which cheered me up. At least it did until Amigo started boasting that he’d met Tino. I didn’t believe him, so I tried telling my Mistress that Amigo was telling lies and what do you know? Not only did I get told off for running and telling on Amigo, but it turns out he was telling the truth.

I do have some bad news on the gardening front. You may remember we planted some fruit trees. There were five to be precise. I use ‘were’ advisedly. One started dying because it was above the water drainage and when we treated the shower plug hole with chemicals it started killing the tree. Anyway, that one was dug up and replanted and is doing fine. The Pear tree we all took turns to pee on seems to have died and doesn’t look much as though there is any chance of recovery. It doesn’t look quite as dead as the Cherry tree that Aristotle gnawed all the bark off, though. I think that one is definitely an ex-tree.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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