Saturday 26th May 2012 – A Small World

One of the writers who sent some wonderful stories in to my Mistress’s company this week lives in the same town in Australia where my Mistress’s grandparents lived. Now sadly, it’s been a long time since they were, but when my Mistress was a child she spent some very happy summers staying with them. Anyway, my Mistress emailed the writer and told her that and to cut a long story short they used to live just a few houses away from my Mistress’s grandparents. It was enough to make my Mistress cry. It’s funny to think that the little girl that used to walk past their house on her way to the sweet shop now has the privilege to publish some of the writer’s stories. It makes you realise that actually, despite the thousands of miles it’s really a very small planet we live on.

Amigo is recovering well from his operation and has gone off for another sleepover. I’m starting to wonder why he keeps being asked to go for sleepovers but not me. I’m a bit sensitive at the moment. He seems to have moved me down the pack order, only because his mother gangs up on me if I argue. His absence at least gives me chance to reclaim my blue chair and pretend that I’m important enough to sit in it whenever I choose. Mind you, if I don’t keep quiet I’m going to be expected to help with the gardening and that is not what I had in mind. Ari put his paw up to volunteer so I think he’ll be out at the front with my Mistress doing the weeding, but even given how good he is at digging I suspect he’s going to be there a while. It’s all got very overgrown and not at all how my Mistress likes it to be. That’s the price you pay for spending all your time setting up a business and walking five dogs.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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