Tuesday 29th May 2012 – Amigo has gone on strike

It’s the ball games.  I know I’ve moaned about them, but at least I’m willing to take part. Amigo has simply stood firm and said he is too hot to run up and down the garden pointlessly chasing a ball. Now, I know it’s pointless, but little by little I’m getting quite into it and am even finding myself compelled to pick the odd ball up and run with it. To be honest I feel most compelled just at the point my Mistress’s hand reaches down to pick it up and I then swoop in and beat her to it. It’s her annoyance that makes it entertaining. Watching her trying to round up 32 tennis balls with us running off with them as fast as she can pick any up is actually a game worth watching. Amigo on the whole is doing the watching. Aristotle on the other paw things it’s a great wheeze to bark as he runs around and makes sure he’s standing by one of the others of us at the point the garden hose is turned on him at full power. He then nimbly dodges out of the way leaving me, Amigo or Shadow to get very wet. Megan has been excused from playing ball on the grounds we desperately hope she’s pregnant. She certainly seems to want a lot of cuddles, but thinking about it so do I and I am most certainly not pregnant.

My Mistress is still working out the best way to get Amigo to Ireland. She was wondering about driving him there herself, but that plan would have been so much more an option if she hadn’t just sent her passport off the American Embassy. It’s a long story, but it does mean at the moment she can’t leave the country. Now, from my point of view that is a good thing, however there are circumstances in which it is not overly helpful!

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