Wednesday 30th May 2012 – Preparing for the Jubilee

Well with peace breaking out between us I need something else to talk about. The household jubilee preparations are complete. They didn’t take too much doing. My Mistress had to tie the flags to our lamppost and one to the front of the house, but that was it. We’ve had the rude comments from friends about the ‘rags’ outside, but my Mistress is proud to be English and proud or our Monarchy. She did have to check which way up the Union Flag is supposed to fly as she wasn’t absolutely certain and knew that if she got it wrong someone would notice. I’m not sure my Master has even noticed that we have any flags flying, but that’s another story. Our Jubilee celebrations focus on the village hog roast on Monday, unless you include the quiz that my Mistress is setting for the pub for Sunday night! I think as it turns out we didn’t need all the tickets we bought for the hog roast, so we dogs are hoping there might just be a little bit of hog coming our way. I’m not sure we are all going to attend festivities but maybe some of us will be included. Shadow went to the Royal wedding so I think she should be excluded from the choices. Saturday is funny as the humans have booked a job lot of eye-tests. My Master has been complaining for a while now that he can’t see things he used to see and Andrew has been wanting to try the wacky glasses they put lenses in since he moved to live with us. However, my Master has been prevaricating about going to actually have his eyes tested. My Mistress has taken matters into her own hands and booked them all in at the same time. She needs to go, so when better to take them all along for moral support! I’m just glad she hasn’t made appointments for all of us as well. I don’t think my ears would hold glasses on quite as well as my Mistress’s seem to.

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