Thursday 31st May 2012 – Amigo and the Plant

To be a plant in this house you have to thrive on neglect, fortunately that is not the case if you are a dog. Anyway, the plants are mainly of the desert variety whereby they cope without any water for long periods of time and then flower instantly should they ever see liquid coming in their direction. Yesterday was such a day. My Mistress has been feeling guilty that the plants were all looking very sad for themselves and had leaves falling off in all directions, even before Amigo decided that he would tangle his lead around the Yucca plant and bring it down altogether. Had the Yucca received any water in the last 6 months he would not have brought it down so easily. Nor would the soil have all toppled out of the plant pot as there was nothing to hold it together. It was enough to send my Mistress’s guilt over the edge and she has duly watered, or more accurately, drowned, all the houseplants. This will be their only drenching for a while and I am now on standby with my camera to catch the results. I would have advised the Christmas Cactus that it should behave in a n unseasonal fashion, were it not for the fact that that expired through lack of water rather earlier in the last drought. What it all means is that the plants can on this occasion be very grateful for Amigo’s ebullient behaviour. It’s a shame he couldn’t have saved the cherry tree before Aristotle chewed his way through the trunk!

Ari is worrying about having a CT scan on his elbows tomorrow. To be honest, his first worry is that he has to go without his breakfast and that his tummy will be rumbling. I’ve offered to eat it for him if he thinks it might make him better, but that plan has been firmly vetoed. I wish I could go with him to offer him support, but my Mistress says she will be there and she has promised to take good care of my little buddy. I have to stay at home and keep an eye on Amigo! Childcare never ceases.

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