Sunday 3rd June 2012 – The Jubilee

Royalist or not there are some aspects of the Jubilee that can’t fail to impress even the most cynical amongst us. You cannot but be impressed by the commercial acumen with which businesses have adopted the theme, knowing that if you create enough hype the consumer will fall for it. I wonder what the average spend per human is on the Jubilee. This house was at a low level until just a few days ago. Oh we have flags up, but they are the flags that sit in the cupboard and come out on special occasions. On Friday the moderation started to slip when my Mistress went shopping while waiting for Aristotle. She came back having bought Union Flag party plates and cups. Still very modest costing just £2.59 from Ikea. Today is another matter entirely. They spent their morning helping putting up the village bunting and as a result rather got into the spirit of things. My Mistress has now bought a flag to wave, and flags for the car. It’s the dress for the party that stopped things being modest and the t shirt for when she does the quiz at the pub tonight and the t shirt my master bought for the party and the fact that later this morning she is off in search of bunting to decorate the outside of our house. Now if you think we are excessive you really need to visit a village near here called Stillington. They really have to be awarded a gold medal for their decorations. Not only is there bunting everywhere, but flags and papier-mâché models of the royal family, the corgis a horse and even a policeman. There’s a giraffe and an elephant too, but I think that may just have been someone getting carried away! It is utterly brilliant. They can rightly be very proud of themselves, although they are only having sandwiches and we’ve got a hog roast!

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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