Tuesday 5th June 2012 – Sunny after all

Well it was sunny for most of yesterday so it was not so bad. Aristotle and Shadow went to the hog roast in the village, while I stayed at home with Megan. Not that Megan appreciated the company. No! She is one hormonal dog and the less I have to see of her at the moment the better. I only have to look at her and she snaps at me. I will be very surprised if her scan doesn’t confirm her as being one very pregnant dog!

Aristotle had a great time. He and Shadow wore their Swiss scarves and looked very much in keeping with the red white and blue theme. As you will see from the photo, my Mistress may have taken the theme a little further than is normal, but you have to give her marks for trying. Andy didn’t want to be seen with her. He thought she was a total embarrassment, but as he will learn as he gets older that is exactly the sort of thing an adult wants to hear from a child and it just encourages them to do even more outrageous things.

By the time Aristotle got home he was quite tired. His normal place to sleep in the office as at the top of the half a dozen steps that come up from the kitchen. Unfortunately he rolled over while he was a sleep and the first we heard was a thump, thump, thump as he rolled down the stairs. He was a little shaken and rather surprised by the experience but otherwise none the worse for wear. He did, very sensibly, decide to move to sit on the settee after that, but as five minutes later Shadow rolled off the settee I’m not entirely sure that’s such a safe place to be either. It really just goes to show that you can’t beat a good floor, unless you have the option of a king sized bed!

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2 Responses to Tuesday 5th June 2012 – Sunny after all

  1. Roooo the humans should cover the floor in cushions to avoid such dangerous sliding accidents from happening *waggy tail*

  2. forgot to say that Shadow and Ari look very cute in their scarves! And your mistress is looking great too! *waggy tail*

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