Wednesday 6th June 2012 – Is Megan Pregnant?

Doesn’t time go slowly when you are waiting for something? At 11 this morning we will find out whether Megan is pregnant. It’s one thing observing her behaviour and reaching a logical conclusion that she must be, but it is quite another thing to actually see those little puppies on a scan and know it’s real. Is she moody? Yes. Does she want her tummy rubbing? Yes. Does she want extra food? Yes. Is she lazier than usual? Yes. However, based on that I could be pregnant too and I’m male! It just goes to show you that you can’t jump to conclusions safely. Now if she is… well at the very least we can start the puppy countdown and start getting everything ready for her. I’m guessing I’ll be sleeping in the chair outside the maternity suite again.

Shadow is just as anxious to find out. For her it could mean the difference between a holiday in Switzerland and actually meeting her new boyfriend or the clinical surroundings of a veterinary practice and a completely absent father. Mind you if I were her, after the chip failure episode I’d opt for the latter anyway. My Mistress still wants to find a way to do everything and travel to Switzerland so we will just have to wait and see. There are many more things to deal with ahead of that. For a start, on Saturday Amigo is going to his new home. He’s getting very nervous about it. He will have to go on a bus and a ferry and he hasn’t done either of those things before. He keeps asking me about it, but given my complete hatred of water he may be getting a slightly biased view. I was remembering the boat trips I’ve been on and they aren’t good memories. Being surrounded by water is not my idea of fun!

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