Thursday 7th June 2012 – Megan!

Well it turns out that Megan is exactly as pregnant as I am! And that is not a good thing as I’m a neutered male. It’s all very strange. She went for her scan and as far as can be seen there are no puppies. However, both she and Aristotle are still convinced that she is pregnant. She wants more food. She wants to put her feet up. She wants to eat more. She gets tired more easily. Aristotle is dealing with it on a more basic level. He feels the need to cover her scent and if my Mistress leaves Megan’s crate door open, he goes in her crate and pees everywhere. He says he has no idea why he has the need to do that. It’s just a deep seated need to make sure no one else can smell that Megan has been there. It’s his way of protecting her. I suggested he learnt to lock and bolt the front door instead as being a rather more useful means of protection when you live with humans.

My poor Mistress doesn’t know what to think. On the one paw she now wants to get on and make all the plans which were on hold pending Megan’s pregnancy and on the other paw she keeps saying, “But what if it turns out that Megan is pregnant?” I’ve agreed a compromise with her. I’ve said she should take Megan off the ‘Fit and Fertile’ and then see if things settle down. If they do then we’ll know where we are and if they don’t she should take Megan for another scan later on. She has grudgingly agreed that I might be right. Megan is now in a huff as she was enjoying the ‘Fit and Fertile’ and her coat does have a lovely shine to it. I did have some sympathy. I’ve been getting to lick the saucer that my Mistress used to mix it with some yoghurt and I really enjoy that in a morning. At least I still get some yoghurt on my Weetabix.

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2 Responses to Thursday 7th June 2012 – Megan!

  1. Roooo its a shame there are no over the counter pregnancy tests for doggies! *Waggy tail*. Perhaps she is pregnant with just one tiny little pup that couldn’t be seen in the scan? One of my sheep dog blog friends just gave birth to one little pup and they had no idea she’d been expecting at all!

  2. Jude Glynn says:

    Fingers crossed….xx

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