Friday 8th June 2012 – Ok, enough already!

Megan has decided if she can’t be pregnant then she’s going to bark…and bark…and bark. We are all fed up with her. I think she may be protesting at the withdrawal of her ‘Fit and Fertile’, the little bit of yoghurt that went with it, the extra food ration, the extra tummy rubs and getting a room to herself whenever she threw a paddy. Now she is back in the real world she doesn’t like it. Given she is not in the same room as me I dare say this, although I may pay for it later. ‘Get over it, Megan. You were being spoilt!’ She is still having the temper tantrums so when she does find me, I just know it’s going to hurt.

While I think about it I’d just like to send my love and get well wishes to my half sister – Helladora. She had puppies last week, but it didn’t go to plan and she had to have a caesarean birth and lost her two boys. I think my new little nieces are ok, I do hope so. I might ask my Mistress how she is doing with our family tree and whether she knows how many little puppies I’m uncle to. I know only there is only one I’m a full uncle to, but there are many more that I’m half uncle to. My dad was father to quite a few puppies over the years.

My next job for today is to help Amigo pack. He doesn’t really need to start just yet. It isn’t as though he’s got much stuff to take with him, but he’s worrying about things and I said if we did it together then maybe it would all feel a bit easier for him. He’s got his pheasant toy and a tug toy and a harness and lead. He’s asked if he can take something to remind him of us all so I offered him a signed photo, but he was thinking of something more comforting like a blanket.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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