Saturday 9th June 2012 – We are ready to wave Amigo off

Shadow is a little tearful having to say goodbye to her son, Amigo and send him on his way to Ireland. She is wondering if she will see him again or whether this is goodbye. Aristotle says he’s going to miss his wrestling partner. Shadow has been doing that mother thing, ‘Have you got a clean handkerchief? Is your collar straight? You need to make a good impression and behave the way I showed you.’ It all rather reminded me of things I have read about children being sent away as refugees during war time. I’m just glad the rest of us can stay here. It makes you realise how hard it must be for dogs that have lived together and for one reason or another have to be sent off to different homes. Or humans for that matter, but I tend to think of other dogs first. He is nearly nine months old and that makes him almost grown up, but only almost. He’s still a puppy at heart and needs a lot of reassurance. My Mistress has bought him one of those special collars that gives off pheromones that remind him of his mum when he was tiny. It’s supposed to help him to stay calm in strange situations. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but from all of us, good luck little fella.

There are some things that my Mistress will not miss and by the look on her face yesterday when Aristotle and Amigo were using the settee as a trampoline, I think that may be one of them. Mind you, when he was asked what he was doing, Amigo said he was just getting his tummy used to the rough weather conditions he might face in his sea crossing later.

Tomorrow we have our next Fun Day and we are all hoping that by some miracle it might be a dry day. It is much more fun taking your time over the biscuit catching game when you are enjoying a sunny day. There is nothing worse than your biscuits getting soggy. We do have indoor facilities as well as outdoor, but we aren’t really indoor dogs and it can all get a bit crazy, especially on a slippery floor. Have you ever tried cornering on a polished surface, four paw drive or not, you just don’t go round the corners.

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One Response to Saturday 9th June 2012 – We are ready to wave Amigo off

  1. Addie says:

    Bon Voyage, my brother!
    I will miss you Amigo.

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