Sunday 10th June 2012 – Swimming to the Fun Day

Well there was so much rain yesterday that I think we will have to swim to the fun day rather than drive. My Mistress said she’d never seen the flooding round here as bed. That was just before the whole “I remember the flooding of 19…” for which I loyally kept one eye open while dozing quietly. Needless to say it wasn’t round here. It was somewhere I have never been and it all meant nothing to me.

Amigo got off in the end yesterday. He had a bit of a panic when they arrive at Holyhead. There were just too many noises and new things and he got a bit over excited. Fortunately a few minutes back in the car seemed to settle him down and he eventually said he was ready to board the ship. My Mistress was shaking when he went through. She is so concerned that he will be happy in his new home and settle down there. It’s been a hard start in life for him and getting used to lots of new places and people is never easy whether you are a dog or a human. It is a shame he couldn’t come to the fun day today before he set off, but we can at least write to him and tell him all about it.

So we are back to being ‘just’ the four of us and not a pregnant dog amongst us. It means my Mistress is now trying to plan a ‘family’ summer holiday and work out how she takes Shadow and Megan for mating later in the year. By ‘family’ I mean we four dogs will have to draw straws. It seems that two of us can go and two have to stay in kennels. I can see there are going to be arguments over this one. I of course think that Aristotle and I should go. He has never been on holiday and I haven’t been for a while. The girls have both had foreign holidays in the last few years. I think that sounds fair. The girls have got quite cross saying there’s were not holidays and they have had very stressful times and need a break. This one could run and run!

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