Monday 11th June 2012 – Some Mischief is easy

Oh what fun it was at Fun Day yesterday. There were some fantastic games and I won some. Of course, if the ‘Biscuit catching’ game is going to be played I do have a real chance of winning seeing as it’s my favourite game. It stands to reason when there is food involved, of course I’m going to catch it. I’ve been practicing at every opportunity for the last 6 years. I think we may be the only family who play catch with food as in the final I was up against Megan. What can I say? I wasn’t going to be beaten by her, not for anything. I won the obstacle race too, which to be honest did come as a surprise as I’m not so good going round weaving poles as my body is too big and I don’t normally fit through. Ari won best trick. I’ve never been a trick sort of a dog. I think it’s demeaning so I didn’t enter. I write a diary, I’ve written books, but it’s degrading to have these described as tricks.  Anyway, a good day was had by all. Shadow saw one of her other sons and was very happy with how he was doing and we all got to meet Bailey, who is only ten weeks old and quite honestly even I thought he was gorgeous. One day, my son, you will grow to be as big as me, but for now you are a tiny little bundle who can be picked up in one hand. Was I really that small once?

Things are not going well for my case on the holiday front. More to the point, I have withdrawn my application to be considered. They are thinking of going on a boat! Oh, I know that I still have my life jacket from the last boat holiday we went on, but I had no plans to put it on again, EVER! What right thinking dog goes on something that balances precariously on water? Don’t even get me started on the problems of getting on and off the boat while worrying that there is water between the two! On that basis I would be happier to go to kennels for the time they are away. I shall leave Aristotle to fight for his place on board ship on his own.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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