Tuesday 12th June 2012 – The Joy of Tax

Now stop me if I’ve told you this one. About two months ago my Mistress realised there was a form she was going to need to complete for the tax office to do with her new business and wanting to be organised she got in touch in plenty of time to ask some questions. The person she spoke to couldn’t help but arranged to have the form sent to her. The form duly arrived, with the ‘guidance notes’, which sadly left my Mistress even more confused. The notes apparently said she should tick box 3, but as there was no box 3 on the form to tick she was not sure that it was the right form or the right notes. Stay with me here. There was a phone number on the form, so she rang it! “Oh no, we don’t know how to fill the form in, we only process it. You need to ring your own tax office.” She took a deep breath and rang her own tax office. “I’m sorry, I’ve never come across that form. It isn’t one we deal with. You need to speak to the specialist department. I’ll find their number and ring you back.” At that point my Mistress took Megan out for a walk while she took some deep breaths. She came home to an answerphone message from the nice man at the tax office, with the phone number she needed to call…except it was the one on the form that only processed the forms! So she rang the man at her tax office back. He was very apologetic and said the only thing she can do is talk to an inspector. There is a waiting time to talk to an inspector of around 5 days. “No problem,” said my Mistress. “I don’t have to fill the form in until the end of June. I’ve got time.” Well she hasn’t got as much time as she first thought. It is now two weeks and she hasn’t heard from an inspector and it is now the 12th of June. She is rapidly reaching the conclusion she could write anything on the form and no one would be any the wiser!

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