Friday 15th June 2012 – If you can’t beat ’em…

I’m fed up with being the ‘senior’ dog of the pack. I suddenly woke up, from one of my many naps, and thought ‘I’m still young. Age is just a state of mind.’ And that’s how it started. I went to get the ball and asked to play. I know what I said a few weeks ago about how hard it was being made to play ball, but actually I found I quite enjoyed it. Now I want to play on my terms. I want to be able to get the ball, rather than Shadow get there first every time. I want to get myself in shape and get my youthful looks back. I know I’m going grey around the muzzle, but I’ve noticed that some days I look so much older than on others. I want to look young more of the time. I’ve been thinking of my dad I guess and he only lived to be nine years old, nearly ten, but not actually double figures. I’m going to be seven in November. I still want to live.

I was saying a week or two that I wanted to put my bucket list together, all the things I want to do while there’s still time. I’ve put ‘playing ball’ right up there at the top. It’s next to going to see my mum and I’d really like to go to see the sister of mine that I was close to. I’m going to talk to my Mistress about whether there is any possibility of her taking me away for a weekend just to see my family in Belgium. I know she’d enjoy it and it would be great to have some time away, just the two of us.

I’ve also asked if I can go on the Father’s day walk on Sunday. I know I can’t do a long distance walk, but then neither can Aristotle and he’s asked to go as well. Megan can’t go as she’s hurt her paw and Shadow said she’d like to have us along for company. I’ve just got to wait to find out whether my Master and Mistress are happy to take three of us along. Normally on things like that they put their feet down and say no more than two of us. I don’t suppose there is any hope that if they did the two would just be me and Aristotle.

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  1. Hey there Alfie, we’ve always enjoyed reading your stories even though we don’t comment much. 🙂 I sure hope that you get to go on that Fathers’ Day Walk on Sunday! We’ll be praying for you :} I’d love to play ball with you! I promise i’ll let you get to it first okay! 🙂 By the way we’ve passed on an award to you Alfie! 🙂 Here’s the link:

    Thank you for making us smile all the time! 🙂

    Love, paw hugs, and Poppy kisses,


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