Saturday 16th June 2012 – Who turned off the lights?

I was only left in charge for a short time. James had gone for an exam and my Mistress was out at a hospital appointment. I had to look after everything for just over an hour. Now you wouldn’t think I could get that very wrong would you? I’d tucked Aristotle in for a nap and had sung him a lullaby. Shadow was sitting quietly in the chair and Megan was camped out on the settee, when there was an almighty bang and the power went off. To be fair the two things were separate. The bang was the lightening or rather the thunder. The electricity just disappeared. When I heard my Mistress pull onto the drive I went running to the front door to greet her. I was so pleased she was home to sort it all out. I’d done my best to keep Ari calm, but you know how it is with little ones and things they don’t understand. We went through all the explanations of God sneezing, but that didn’t explain the flash. So I tried saying that two angels were having a sword fight and that was the swords going against each other, but that just frightened him. In the end I was trying my best to give an accurate scientific explanation, but it’s times like this I realise two things. Firstly, dog training classes are seriously deficient in any real learning and 2) I ought to listen more carefully.

I had presumed my Mistress would be able to fix it, but as it turned out we all had to sit in the gloom until the power company found the right switch. It went off again mid afternoon but that time there was no flash and bang so it wasn’t nearly so bad.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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