Thursday 21st June 2012 – I’m going to be in big trouble

I know I’m not supposed to use my Mistress’s credit card, but it’s in a good cause. It’s just that I’m not going to be able to hide the evidence and I think I’m going to be in trouble. Is it ok to say it was Roxy and Snoopy’s faults and that I am in some way innocent? I just don’t like to see Ari struggle and I don’t want him to miss out on all the fun. He’s my best friend and we should go places together. I also realise it isn’t his birthday for another three months, but I didn’t think he should have to wait that long. I found a pet stroller in the right size and it was much cheaper than all the ones I’d looked at the other day. It’s the exact same one but it’s half the price and I’ve checked it isn’t dodgy. It’s by the official importer of the product and it really does all look above board, it’s just that I didn’t ask first and I’m going to be in big trouble. I’ve heard it all before. “Alfie you must not use my credit card. That is fraud.” The thing is, I did some checks and I don’t think fraud applies to dogs. I don’t think they have doggy prisons and if anything my owner would be held responsible. Then as it’s her credit card anyway it can’t be fraud, so I’m all right…aren’t I?

I hope you’re reading this Snoopy. I didn’t get the pink one. It’s a dark blue and it’s almost big enough for me to sit in with Aristotle if I get tired. It would be ok for both of the girls but they’re the ones I had in mind pulling while we sit in comfort watching the world go by. Now I just need to arrange another family outing so that we can try it out.

I’m going to be in big trouble aren’t I?

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