Saturday 23rd June 2012 – One Tiny Little Problem

I don’t think I thought this through. Oh yes, the stroller is amazing. It is very comfortable, very well made, very smooth. There’s just one tiny little problem. I built it in the kitchen and now I’m going to have to dismantle the house in order to get it outside. To be honest there are two tiny little problems. The second is that my Mistress is going to have to buy a bigger car if she’s going to take it anywhere for Ari to use. Ok, I’ll own up, there’s a third problem – we’re going to have to sell my little car to make room for it in the garage. So, in summary, on the bright ideas scale it’s right up there with eating cat poo and barking so much I got grounded. If we can get it out of the house we could use it as an extra room, or pull it behind the car as a trailer. I’m doing my best here. What is certain is the next time anyone goes in the kitchen they are going to know I’ve been on the internet shopping again!

There has been a funny thing happening the last few days. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m the leader of the Pet Dogs’ Democratic Party or a bet, but a whole load of political groups in the US seem to have started following me on Twitter. Now, I realise they may be coming up to elections and this may just be indicative of their preference for me to stand as one of their candidates, but guys, you’re freaking me out. I’m not eligible to be president of the United States. I could stand in Belgium, or the UK but I don’t have US citizenship. Besides which I’m a dog! Now I know you have been known to choose some very strange candidates, but in these times of austerity are you really ready to introduce the minimum wage for working dogs and give all dogs, both working and pet, full medical insurance and pension. No! I thought not.

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  1. Rooo that looks like an awfully comfy and sturdy little doggie pram. If you could just get it out of the house that is *waggy tail*

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