Monday 25th June 2012 – The Opposite of Mischief

There was no chance of mischief yesterday. It all went very wrong from first thing in the morning. I’d only just had my breakfast. The girls had been outside to the toilet and I was cowering in the kitchen waiting for the usual onslaught and that’s exactly what happened, except they came at me from both sides. What is it with our girls? I have never said I want to be top dog. In fact I distinctly remember saying quite the opposite and yet day in, day out they feel the need to remind me that they are above me in the barking order. Normally I shrug, cower and avoid them. Yesterday didn’t go so well. I sort of slithered awkwardly out of the way and somehow pulled my back. Oh it hurt. I cried and my Mistress came running. She thinks I might have trapped a nerve in my back again and did everything she could to look after me. At one point while she was working in the kitchen I took up residence in Ari’s stroller, which is still there! It worked brilliantly. She was able to wheel me around to wherever she was working. If only it would fit through the doorway too we could go all round the house together. I think I’m off to see the vet as my Mistress said I shouldn’t be trapping nerves in different parts of my back. I think after my dad’s problems she is more worried about my back than ever. I just said to her that it’s not as though she is exactly fit and healthy. If she isn’t worried about her own health, then she shouldn’t be wasting worry on me! Ari was a bit fed up by the end of the day as he wanted a playmate.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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