Tuesday 26th June 2012 – A big day for Ari

Aristotle has gone to the vet. He has gone willingly and the happy little soul he is, has not asked what he is going for. Being a trusting little fellow he has assumed it is all to do with his poorly leg. At least that’s what he thought until we got there. His sad little face when I had to leave him and come away was just awful to see. It was then that the full impact of the word castration hit him and he sank to the floor in despair. Oh he’d understood the theory of the discussion about his leg making it too high a risk for him to breed. What he hadn’t understood was that to make our lives easier with two hormonal bitches in the house was that he would be facing castration. Sorry little fella, but you’re in good company.

Yesterday was Monday and didn’t we know it? I didn’t want to get up. Then my Mistress wasn’t feeling well. Then the washing machine broke down. Just another Monday. To be fair the washing machine didn’t just break down. It turned off the whole electric circuit. It took my Mistress a while to realise what had happened and isolate the problem. Then was the task of removing the wet largely unwashed piece of vet bed that Shadow had been sick all over and having to wash it by hand and take it out to the line to drip dry. By the time my Mistress has hung it out, someone could have done with hanging her from the line so that her clothing could drip dry where it had dripped all over her. By the time she’d been told by the doctor she has to have more blood tests on Thursday you can imagine what sort of mood she was in.

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