Wednesday 27th June 2012 – Ari is recuperating

He came back yesterday with that far away look in his eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was the after effects of his anaesthetic or wistful thinking about the loss of his manhood. Either way he wasn’t entirely a happy dog. He kept forgetting he was sore and would go to stand up on his hind legs to catch a fly and then think better of it and just let the fly off with a warning that things would be different in a few days. His mum fussed round him when he came home and he said he could do without that. His days of needing his mother to lick those places better are well and truly in the past and he wanted to be respected as an adult dog. Personally I think he may be over-compensating for feeling slightly less of an adult male than he had done before he went to the vet, still who am I to talk? I’m the one that cowers out of sight every time Megan is anywhere on the prowl. I think she is still hormonal. I asked the vet about her and she said if she is really going through a false pregnancy then we’ve got another week or two of her hormones and mood swings to put up with and then things should start to settle down to normal. The worry with that is that that is about the time Shadow will start becoming hormonal in preparation for her season starting. If it’s not one hormonal woman it’s another. Boys just can’t win!

I have a haematoma by my right hip, from where Megan had a go at me the other day. The vet says I’ll live and I’m on painkillers for a few days, but you can see why I might prefer to be an only dog – or at the least only live with Ari!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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