Thursday 27th June 2012 – Now that’s what I call service!

I may have mentioned that the washing machine broke down, well the engineer came to fix it yesterday. I was just showing him through to where it was when he said “Wait a moment I think your dishwasher may be on a recall notice.” Sure enough the dishwasher is champing at the bit to become a raging inferno and we would have had no idea if the washing machine hadn’t decided to take a summer break. The good news is that he was able to fix the washing machine and now we are waiting for the dishwasher to be repaired. I’m fully expecting the engineer who comes to fix the dishwasher to bring alarming news about the fridge, but maybe it will be a postcard from its long lost cousin in the factory.

Aristotle is progressing nicely. He says he feels a little tender and is generally depressed about the whole thing, but he has been cheered by the news not only that the dishwasher has been saved from possible catastrophe but that he may be going swimming on a regular basis. We are looking into him going for hydrotherapy in a doggy swimming pool. I know I don’t like water, but even I thought it looked quite fun with toys and floats to play with in the water while he swims about. My Mistress has to make a few calls to see if his insurance will cover it and then he is being referred by our lovely vet. I’m just hoping he doesn’t ask me to go with him to watch. You know how much I dislike the whole idea of water. It’s bad enough that I am being threatened with a bath. My Mistress said I could do with one and maybe a relaxing bath would do me good. The problem is the very thought of water and I do anything but relax. It’s just not my thing. I’m improving without it anyway. I just needed a bit of rest and to avoid Megan for a while.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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