Friday 29th June 2012 – If only I could oblige…

It’s hard hearing my Mistress on the phone and looking over her shoulder to read emails trying to sort out stud dogs for Shadow and other girls in this country. I’m not related. I’m handsome. I’m the right breed, but sadly that’s where the possibilities and dreams come to an end. It’s hard to think that every one of your ancestors was able to have puppies but that you won’t be able to. I know I’ve got Ari as a surrogate puppy. A little lad to teach the ways of the world to, but I’d have loved to have my own. To watch the little nippers growing up and going out into the world, knowing I’d made it all possible. Ari isn’t old enough to really understand the implications of his week, but one day he’s going to feel just the same. At least he’s going to be the real uncle to the puppies that we hope are born to Shadow later in the year. I’ve yet to meet my nieces and nephews, spread as they are across the globe. My mum’s puppies aren’t so widely spread, but I know there’s some of my dad’s in America. It must have been a great feeling for him to know he’d sired a whole empire of little Entlebuchers.

If things go to plan for Shadow her mate is going to have the same pet name as the one that Megan met earlier in the year. I just hope it’s more of a success. Shadow has at least been through it all before and while she may not be overly keen on some aspects of the process she will be very pleased to have some more little ones to look after. Ones she can wash to her hearts content and who will call her Mum. I just hope it all goes to plan. I think one of the most exciting things about it is that if all goes to plan one of the puppies will go and live in Switzerland. How cool is that? One of them actually getting to live in our homeland. She will be a very proud mum.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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