Saturday 30th June 2012 – I hope she’s joking

As I think I told you, nearly two years ago now, my Mistress decided that she wanted to learn to play the keyboard. She had never done a proper music exam in her life, not ever, not one. Anyway, I’ll give her her due, when she decides to do something she tends to work very hard at it and to her and everyone’s amazement she passed her grade 1 with flying colours. On Monday she is doing her grade 2 exam. Now, we never really thought she would get this far, but yesterday the post arrived and included the book she has ordered to study for her grade 3. That’s not the bit that worries me. Actually, no, that does worry me, but not as much as the purchase of the ‘Big Red Busking Book’. Surely, she can’t be thinking of going busking at her age. People will think she’s homeless. Oh I know there are great musicians of all ages out on the streets busking, but she is not and never will be a great musician. She claims that she can choose pieces from the book for her exam, but I have to say I’m a worried dog. What worries me most is that when you see people on the streets they often have their faithful companion with them and I might be her faithful companion and I know she has said that if she was ever down and out there is no one she’d rather be down and out with than me, but I draw the line. The pavement is not a comfortable place. I’ll lie on the settee in the dining room and listen to her play the keyboard, but I cannot be expected to sit on concrete.

She’s just seen what I was writing and is now trying to reassure me that she has no intention of playing in public and certainly not on the streets. She’d better be right!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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