Sunday 1st July 2012 – This should be mischief Monday

Ari was quiet, so my Mistress went to see what he was doing. He was taking all the weeds that she’d put in the wheelbarrow and spreading them over the patio. So, my Mistress told him off and said he wasn’t to do that any more. Ari was quiet, so my Mistress went to see what he was doing. He had opened the sack of bark and distributed it round the patio. He grinned and said he hadn’t touched the weeds. Ari was quiet, my Mistress went to see what he was doing. He had taken two lengths of timber off the sun bed and was sitting on the patio chewing them. Once again he was told not to do that. Of course he protested that he’d left the bark and the weeds alone. Ari was quiet. By now you are probably getting the picture. He’d left the timber, the bark and weeds exactly as he had been told to and had instead eaten the door mat! He’s got class. Of course it did get him grounded, but it was unconvincing as my Mistress was laughing as she told him off and the way he grinned up at her I strongly suspect that he had understood exactly what he was doing!

The girls were due to go for a lovely long walk yesterday, which would have given us boys some peace and quiet. However, no sooner had they set off than it started to rain and they’d only gone a little way when it started to thunder as well. Given that my Mistress has optimistically set off in a tee shirt, she was a little like a drowned rat when she came back. The girls were less than impressed as they hadn’t actually gone very far and turned back at the first sign of thunder.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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