Monday 2nd July 2012 – We need some rabbits and some sheep

Someone needs to cut the grass. My Mistress hasn’t got time. I’m not good with the mower, Aristotle says he’s too young to handle machinery and Megan is still hormonal. Shadow says she is too busy doing her hair, which only leaves one thing for it. We need to bring in reinforcements. I know with sheep the worry is that they will eat the plants as well, but to be quite honest they’d have to find them amongst the weeks first. Gardening is just one of those things that hasn’t really happened this year. It’s too wet, it’s too cold and there are other things to do. I’d quite like to have a few sheep around. Ari said we’d be better off with cows and then we could play at herding. Our garden is not big enough to herd cows and besides just think of all those cow pats we’d be running through. Sheep is definitely the better option, although I think my Mistress is bidding for a donkey and a llama, but I don’t even know if they eat grass. We could get a horse and turn the summer house into a stable, then the horse could pull the stroller with Aristotle in it. Now wouldn’t that be a stylish mode of transport for a dog? Can you imagine him sat there holding the reigns and encouraging the horse which direction he wanted to go in? Obviously rabbits would not be without their hazards. Firstly there are the burrows that my Mistress would inevitably fall down and secondly I would chase them! Not actually down into the holes. I think that would be a bit claustrophobic, but if they poked their heads above ground I think they’d be fair game.

Thinking of rabbits, my friend Tino has started his own blog. I laughed out loud at his days’ entry. You can find it here.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

You can find short stories to read at

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