Tuesday 3rd July 2012 – Poor Megan

It seems Megan may have broken her toe, rather than just sprained it. Either that or she is double jointed and can naturally twist it in a very odd direction! Although the yelp that went with it may be a bit of a clue. She is now sporting a bandage, or to be fair her third bandage as she keeps taking them off. I think she took the vet’s advice to change the bandage regularly a bit too seriously. Every four days the vet said, not ever four hours. The novelty of redoing the bandage is wearing off with my Mistress, she’s told Megan if she keeps taking it off she will have to do it herself!

We may have a small complication. Someone is losing their hair and it’s not the time of year for that to be me or Aristotle. It won’t be Megan as she has had her season and that can only mean it’s Shadow. Now you may think that’s no big deal, except the girls normally lose their hair a month before coming into season and we weren’t expecting that to happen with Shadow for around seven or eight weeks, not four. Again no big deal, except it might mean that my Mistress has to take her from their holiday straight to Switzerland and then the rest of the family will be stranded. Now I don’t know what you think, but I don’t think they are going to take that very well. If they just come back to the hotel one day and find my Mistress has packed up and gone and taken the car with her they aren’t going to be best pleased. Why is nothing ever straightforward in this family? From my point of view I need more hormonal women about as much as I need a bath, or more rain.

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