Wednesday 4th July 2012 – Aristotle has a passport

Ari had to go to the vet yesterday for his check up after his little operation. You’ll be pleased to know that he has healed very well indeed and will not need to wear the cone of shame. Actually, he’s been the perfect little goody four paws patient, but then he’s that kind of dog. He’s the happiest little fellow I think I’ve ever met. Of course, he did feel slightly cheated at the vet when he thought he was only having a check up and suddenly a large needle was produced. It is in his own interest though as he now has his very own passport. That means that if the opportunity arises in just three more weeks he will be ready to travel. Now all he needs is the opportunity.

My Mistress has bought us a new toy. When I say ‘toy’ it is more of a weapon of torture. It is a ball that can hold treats and then we have to work to get them out. She is now threatening to mix up our breakfast and put it inside so that we have to work for our food. That is nothing short of cruelty to a dog. If my food is put in my bowl then I can eat it in somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds. To say I wolf it down would be doing a disservice to wolves. I’m just a fast eater. I may forget to do the chewing stage, but it works for me. How am I supposed to eat my food that quickly if I have to wrestle it out of a device of torture? In reality it is planned for Ari or maybe Megan to keep her amused during her recuperation. I think I may still be allowed to use my bowl, which is quite honestly a relief. I’ve rather fond of my bowl. We go back a long way.

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  1. Roooo food in a ball?!? I’m glad to hear its not for you buddy! Give Megan some kisses from me, and tell Ari travelling is fun. I just used my doggie passport for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was lots of fun! *waggy tail*

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