Friday 6th July 2012 – Perfect growing weather

It’s warm, it’s wet and judging by the fact that the giraffes are barely visible above the grass it is the perfect growing weather. If only we’d got round to planting something that we wanted to grow this year, we could now be proudly admiring the results of our labours. Instead we are down on our hands and knees pulling out weeds that are bigger than me and only marginally shorter than my Mistress. The biggest problem is the wood. Now, I don’t mean the wood in the wood store that is waiting to go on a log fire. I mean the wood that is developing all round the summer house. The tree at the bottom of the garden is very efficient at self seeding. In fact, it has self seeded all over the grass and is now trying to hide the summer house in a forest clearing. Actually, it’s not called the summer house anymore. Due to the ongoing inclement weather it is now known as the winter chalet. It would save the job of grass cutting if we let it develop into a forest and my Mistress is very fond of trees. I’m not so sure the neighbours would be that thrilled, but by the time they notice it will be too late. The irony if it is that two of the trees we actually chose to plant have died! We’ve got around 253 that we didn’t plant, but then who’s counting. From my point of view that is an awful lot of choice of places to pee and as a dog you can’t say fairer than that.

Megan’s pink boot is currently on my Mistress’s desk waiting to be put back on again. She really is a nightmare. No sooner has my Mistress carefully bandaged her foot and put the boot back on than Megan is taking it all off again. She really is very ungrateful. You’d have thought she wanted it to heal as quickly as possible!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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