Saturday 7th July 2012 – Duct Tape

I have concluded that the only answer to keeping Megan’s bandage on her paw is to stick it there with Duct Tape. I realise that as measures go this may seem a little extreme, but we want her to get better as quickly as possible, not least because she is driving us all mad. Megan is a dog who needs to run. She needs to run quite a lot and when she doesn’t she has too much energy to use in a small room. She starts to go slightly bonkers, but not until she has sent us very bonkers in the process. For one thing she has discovered that she can use the dog gate to act as a boot remover. If she puts her lovely little pink booted foot through the bars and then wiggles her paw a little she can pull her paw back and leave the boot behind. Some would say this makes her a very bright dog, until you think about the fact she is simply risking the healing process taking even longer than it already will. At that point you start to think she may be as dim as Shadow and that is not a good thought. I’m starting to think that it’s only the male of our breed that does any thinking whatsoever, although if you watched Ari chasing his tail you would start to wonder whether I may be exaggerating the capabilities of the male of the breed.

My Mistress is feeling very old. You may remember she hurt her hand last year and was distressed to find that it isn’t just an injury that is going to get better but is in fact a long term problem. The hospital have now told her they want to see one more person just in case it is a more widespread problem but otherwise will replace the finger joint. She asked the obvious questions about recovery times and how long the joint would last. At that point the consultant looked at her sadly and said “We only usually do this on people who are over 60.” At that point she thought it might be time to double check her birth certificate just to be sure she knows what year she was born. I did try saying that after we’ve done Megan’s bandage, perhaps we could use the duct tape to fix her finger too.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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