Sunday 8th July 2012 – There’s a Husky in the Hall

Now you may be a little alarmed by the title. You may be even more concerned when I told you it arrived in a cardboard box and it is a very large Husky indeed. You may however, be relieved, as was I, when you find that is the name of a roof box for the car. I have to say that looking at it I can’t help but wonder if it is one of those situations my Mistress may have misjudged as only she is wont to do. Every so often she gets it into her head that we need something top spec to do the job properly. I might mention at this point that Aristotle’s stroller is still in the kitchen and has to be pushed forwards or backwards depending on whether you want something from the freezer or the oven. Anyway, the Husky is in theory only on the car when it is needed. In practice unless we are going to live in it the rest of the time or use it as the dining table, it may have to live on the car all year round. That is if we can build scaffolding and find a crane to lift it onto the car in the first place. My Mistress has assured us that she has checked how much weight the car roof can withstand and that as long as we don’t fill it with gold ingots we should be fine. Of course if we were able to fill it with gold ingots it wouldn’t matter if it did crush the car as we’d be able to afford to replace it with a new one! So if I’ve understood they have a roofbox big enough to take the kitchen sink as long as the sink is made out of polystyrene and doesn’t weigh too much!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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