Thursday 12th July 2012 – Megan is in the dog house

She says it is not her fault. She says that she was driven to it. I think she is pleading temporary insanity and I have to say she may well have a point. Firstly she has been stuck indoors for ages. Secondly she has bandage glued to her paw with more plaster than is reasonable. Thirdly she has had to wear a pink boot and finally she has been forced to listen to an incessant loop of dreadful music on a computer game that was left on when Andy went to school. My Mistress says that the music alone would be enough to make her go mad, but the thing is Megan has chewed off her pink boot. She’s done it in a way that no one is ever going to be able to wear it ever again. The pink boot has gone to the place in the sky known as pink boot heaven, where together with pink wellingtons and other such dreadful footwear it can be pink to its heart’s content. Megan is bootless. It did come as a pair, so there is still one in the cupboard but when she gets a liking for chewing something there is a risk she isn’t going to stop at one. My Mistress has said she will leave the paw unwrapped for a few hours to see how Megan does. She can’t afford to hurt it again as if it doesn’t heal she may end up losing the toe.

Meanwhile my Mistress has had 48 hours where everything she has touched has gone wrong. It started with breaking her phone charger, but with the wonders of technology, before her phone had even lost its charge the new charger had arrived and was plugged in ready to go. At just £2 she can afford to sit on then fiddle with and break her charger on a regular basis!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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