Monday 16th July 2012 – I thought it was supposed to be five…

Gold rings! I thought that it was supposed to be five gold rings in the song. Anyway it seems in this house it’s six! Yesterday, to celebrate their anniversary my Master and Mistress went and bought new wedding rings. Now I know they are supposed to last the lifetime of the marriage and I know you’re going to tell me it’s typical of the modern generation to want new things all the time, but it really isn’t like that. Their original rings do not fit. In my Mistress’s case that is the extent that she nearly lost one part when it fell off her finger at the top of the hill down the road and she had to chase it. The truth is they’ve never really fitted properly and the style they are can’t be altered. So now they are having brand new matching rings or at least they will be when the shop makes them a size that will fit!

I was not best pleased with Aristotle yesterday evening. He managed to be in the kitchen when they were cooking their tea and they’d got it into their heads that what they really wanted to eat was pancakes. My gripe with Aristotle is that my Mistress has her ‘pretend’ pancakes with maple syrup and bacon and Ari was there to help eat it. How did I come to have decided that point to be elsewhere? Your guess is as good as mine but it was a bad move. I’m rather partial to maple syrup myself. I did feel rather sorry for my Mistress though. She decided to try a new type of flour as the rice flour she has does not make good pancakes. Anyway, if for any reason you have ever considered trying to make buckwheat pancakes can I just recommend that you don’t. They taste quite disgusting. The smell gave enough of a clue before it went anywhere near anyone’s mouth!

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi Alfie! I did not know you had this diary and a book and merchandise! That is so cool!!! I found this on the blog hop – love the blog hop! Keep it up pup! Emma 🙂

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