Wednesday 18th July 2012 – The Plumber is coming

Today’s excitement will be a visit by the plumber. He is coming to fix the shower. I think I may have told you about it before, sadly because my Mistress has long hair the shower plughole gets blocked. Last year we put some not too bad chemicals down it, but we don’t want to use stronger ones. Of course, I’d like you to believe that that is entirely because we are ecologically friendly and in a way it is. Even the ones we used last year caused a problem. We don’t have ordinary drains we have a soakaway. It means that all the ok waste water runs off into the garden. It also means if you put any type of chemicals down the drains the plants immediately above the soakaway curl their roots up in disgust and the plant starts to wither. We moved the apple tree. We did not eat its fruit! It’s recovering nicely and was clearly caught just in time. Anyway, so the drain gets blocked. In the end we called a nice plumber man who told us the pipe that takes the water away is too narrow and tomorrow he is going to fit a wider one. Why, you might ask, is this a big event for me? Well, I like to sit outside the door while my Mistress is in the shower and I can do that in comfort if she is in their ensuite bathroom. I either have to be further away or uncomfortable when she is now – it’s a big consideration for a dog!


Shadow seems to have recovered from her rather explosive stomach problem. Unfortunately she exploded all over the snug carpet which meant a lot of very unpleasant clearing up for my Mistress and a smell that lingered even after the carpet had been washed. She was very apologetic. She thinks she must have eaten something in the garden that would have been better left growing. If I know Shadow it won’t stop it happening again.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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