Thursday 19th July 2012 – Some would say I am easily pleased

Never mind the fact that I have a free six weeks supply of a joint care product that is also very tasty from the lovely people at Pedigree Pet Foods, that is just incidental to the beautiful yellow rucksack with my name embroidered on it. To be fair, it is a human rucksack and I am having difficulty putting it on, but that is not the point. I’d much rather my Mistress carried everything for me than have to do it myself anyway. I’ve got a ball thrower and some balls too and a I’m not sharing them with the others. They are mine, all mine and I’m a very happy dog. I’m slightly alarmed by the fact that I am going to be videoed playing ball. I may have to suck my tummy in for the photos but then we all know the camera adds 10 pounds so I’m sure allowances will be made. My Mistress said she’d read all the paperwork to me later and then we can make a start. I’m really rather excited. The delivery man didn’t know whether he should ask for me in dogson when he came to the door, seeing as the parcel was technically addressed to me. I did offer to sign but he didn’t seem to know how to react to that. I think he was worried he might be in trouble back at the depot. Some people don’t know how to let their hair down and live a little.

Aristotle has got the hump that he doesn’t have a rucksack. To be honest it was more the chews that he was after. He said he would have stamped his paw if it weren’t for the fact it would have hurt his bad leg. He pointed out that it was really him that has the joint problem, but he’s only ten months old so he isn’t included. He got his own back. He took all the treats down off the side when my Mistress wasn’t looking and shared them out between him and Shadow. He usually shares things with me, so I was left in no doubt that I was in trouble.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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