Friday 20th July 2012 – I’m Alfie and I’m single

Ok, so I feel as though I’m writing a personal ad. It’s for the Pedigree Joint Care trial I’m taking part in. This is my before photo. I’ve got to take pictures of how I do over the course of the six weeks trial, so you’ll get regular updates. Maybe more than a personal ad it feels as though I should be saying ‘Hi, I’m Bonnie and I’ve lost 2kgs this week’ and then you can all applaud and I feel good about depriving myself of cream cake. Fortunately the purpose is not weight loss, but improved fitness. I’m actually hoping it might be good for my back and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing if it makes an improvement. Ari is really sulking now, as I have been raving about just how tasty the Joint Care product is. You should have seen me when my Mistress opened the packet, the smell was simply divine. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing what the other dogs on the scheme think, but if the taste is anything to go by I’m off to a flying start.

Ari has been trying to curry favour with my Mistress in the hope that she might slip some to him. He brought her a red rose today. Admittedly it was the dead head of a red rose that he has retrieved from the wheelbarrow, but it is the thought that counts and as he said, he didn’t have any opportunity to get a live one. In a strange way, he is being rewarded for his efforts. My Mistress has decided to start training him as her assistance dog. Every so often my Mistress suffers debilitating attacks of vertigo and when that happens she is stuck and can’t do anything. Well it happened this week and she needed a jumper or blanket but couldn’t get one. As we don’t have good mobile signal she needed the house phone too. She has decided that Aristotle is going to learn to get a blanket and the house phone for her if she ever needs them. I’ve said I don’t think he’ll manage and that she knows nothing about training an assistance dog. She says he’s the brightest dog she’s ever met and there is no harm in trying. He’s now learning the word blanket, but I think it is going to take a while.

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