Sunday 22nd July 2012 – How do I break it to him?

It’s been a while since I had to learn some of the hard truths of being a family pet. For the most part we are treated like the other children of the family. Actually that’s not fair, in my Mistress’s case it is clear that we have top priority and everyone else comes further down the pecking order. You could see that as saying you were important, but there is a sad reality that I am not faced with explaining to Aristotle. We are not going on the family holiday. Oh I know that we watched as dog food was put in containers and beds were packed. I know we watched as Megan and Shadow put their harnesses on and got in the car, but however excited Aristotle might be at the thought of going on a boat it just isn’t going to happen. He and I have been tasked with staying at home and running things in their absence. Oh, I know my Mistress wanted to make out that I was important. ‘Alfie. Please will you run the office for me? I’ve said you’ll only deal with the urgent stuff and anything you don’t know how to do you can ring me.’ Now to be fair, she did ask me and I said I really never wanted to see another boat in my entire life, except in pictures and only then if I could cover up the water bit with my paw. We all have our little fears and phobias and it just so happens mine is water. Aristotle didn’t have that opportunity. He wasn’t even asked. Now I can either play the good guy and tell him ‘I’m sorry he’s been left out and that I will make it as fun for him while the others are away as I can.’ Of course we’ll be getting plenty of fuss and attention so it won’t be all bad. Or I can tell him the truth. ‘Aristotle. Buddy, you didn’t get to go because I said I’d rather have you for company at home than Megan because she doesn’t like me, so it’s my fault you’ve missed out.’ On balance, I’m going for the nice guy approach.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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