Monday 23rd July 2012 – Oh it’s all right for them

I’m not normally a bitter dog. Oh no, nothing like that, but I feel well and truly fed up. Megan and Shadow rang last night and they’ve been staying at my paternal grandparents this weekend. Now there’s nothing wrong in that. I have stayed at my grandparents’ house before now. The difference is that I had to sleep in the garage and they have been allowed to sleep in the house. To be fair it was because they were worried I would chase the cat and I could be trusted in the garage, even if it was cold and lonely. Although from memory my Mistress spent quite a lot of time sitting outside with me. Well sadly my cat cousin isn’t there anymore so there was no one for Shadow to think about chasing, except my granddad and he doesn’t have the same chasing appeal as a cat. They had to be on their best behaviour, but I’m hoping if they were really good it might mean I can go and see them sometime. I’d like that.


Anyway, they weren’t still at my grandparents’ but had moved on to France. They are staying in a hotel somewhere and are ready to go and get the boat this morning. They are both very excited although Shadow is saying she isn’t keen on wearing a life jacket. Megan doesn’t mind as she says it is just like wearing her rucksack. I think she may have taken that with her too so that she can help collecting the shopping from the local shops. It makes an interesting talking point as it doesn’t seem a very common thing to do. I suppose this week it will be an interesting gesticulating point unless my Mistress brushes up her French pretty quickly.

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