Tuesday 24th July 2012 – Home to boat can you hear me?

I’m not sure how much I shall hear from everyone this week as they are on a boat and warned me they may be out of signal area. My Mistress had the idea of getting herself a French connection to dial up to the internet while she was away so she looked on the maps of signal coverage and concluded that it was quite like round here with very little signal with any network. Ah well, let’s look on the bright side, I do not have to climb onto a boat to go to sleep at night. I know the rain here might give that impression, but as far as I am aware our house is still classified as dry land.

What do you do to relax if you spend your working life reading fiction? You take more fiction with you. When my Mistress started packing books into her suitcase I said that if all she wanted to do was read then she might as well stay at home. She saw things slightly differently and seemed to think the weather might be better where she was going and that she could sit in the sun and read as the countryside went past very gently. I think she may be dreaming! As long as she is remembering that the most important priority on any trip away without me is to find me a very nice present to bring home then everything will be forgiven… well almost everything!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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