Friday 27th July – How much longer?

Ok, so I’m starting to understand why my Master is fed up that Ari’s stroller is still sitting in the kitchen. Ari is happy. He keeps getting in and asking to be pushed to the other end of the room, a journey of just three of four steps. I, on the other paw am fed up with having to move it to get to the cupboards to see if there are any spare human biscuits while I wait for the Tesco’s order to arrive. I’ve found the Twiglets, but I know if I eat all those and my Master comes home to an empty cupboard he will not forgive me easily. I’m thinking my best bet is to eat my Mistress’s things as in her eyes I’m almost perfect and she can very rarely find it in herself to tell me off. If anything, she’s even softer with Aristotle so I may just lay the blame firmly at his paws.


Meanwhile the stroller. I might open a book on how long it will sit here. If anyone wants to place a bet then please get in touch. I’m prepared to take best in most forms of dog biscuits and will give good odds as long as you can offer immediate delivery.


To be honest, I can see how the book Lord of the Flies became such a classic. Without the usual constraints and disciplines it’s interesting to watch society breaking down. Meal times have gone out of the window. Ari is very good, he is happy to eat whenever I say it is time. And given I took the battery out of the kitchen clock and left the hands at five in the afternoon, it’s always time. I did think about leaving it set permanently to seven in the morning, but I didn’t want to spend all day thinking I’d got up that early.

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