Saturday 28th July 2012 – So this is why it’s raining

Obviously if you are in America you may be envying the deluge of rain that we are experiencing over here, but for us it has got past a joke. It turns out that the Jet Stream is stuck in the wrong place. Now, with a name like ‘Stream’ it is not hard to see why, if you are stuck running over the United Kingdom, you might be spilling a bit of water everywhere. Given that, if I have understood it correctly, it is actually a wind and not a stream, why didn’t they call it the Jet Wind so it didn’t end up with this personality crisis and feel a need to overcompensate? More to the point, why doesn’t someone help it to get unstuck and move aside to where it is normally so that we can have one or two high pressures creeping in to cloak us in sunshine?

I then got confused when I found the Gulf Stream is not a wind, but a current and that isn’t completely in its usual place either. What is wrong with everyone, why can’t they be satisfied to stay in their same old places, doing their same old jobs and keeping us all happy knowing what’s what? And don’t even get me started on La Nina. Why has she got involved? It isn’t even her Jet Stream or Gulf Stream, she’s off in the Pacific Ocean having a whale of a time.

It’s all very well to blame global warming, but it’s a vicious circle. Using things with CO2 emissions has damaged the weather systems so now it is constantly raining and dark when it should be warm, dry and sunny and we are using more power for heat, light and clothes drying therefore creating more CO2 emissions. So much for solar panels!

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