Sunday 29th July 2012 – My Pedigree Joint Care+ trial

I’ve been thinking about what I’m hoping to achieve in taking Pedigree’s Joint Care+. Obviously I’m enjoying them, as I’ve already told you they taste wonderful, but I need to find  a way to convince my Mistress to buy them for me at the end of the trial. It shouldn’t be too difficult. On the whole I simply remember to say please and she can’t resist buying me anything I want. This is different, however. There are good reasons why I should have it. You may remember that I’ve had back problems, with one or two tweaks here and there. Our breed of dog is very special as we have very long backs, so it’s important to take care of them. Most dogs have different proportions to us. With us we have a ratio of 8 for height and 10 for length. It’s why Aristotle can reach the work surfaces so easily and why we can all have cuddles with our Mistress in almost the same way as a human. Anyway, I digress. My back has been a bit of an issue and every so often, (twice daily) I have to twist out of the way when Megan launches an attack on me.

Now add to that the fact that my dad died recently and the root of his problem was his back, and you can start to see how easily I might be able to convince my Mistress to buy me something that will help to protect my joints and basic body structure. I’d be thrilled if by the end of this trial I could cower out of Megan’s way without my back twinging. If you’ve been reading for a while, you will know that I have no desire to try any further medication to help it. Not after the mind changing properties of the last lot. It took me weeks to get back to normal. I wasn’t myself at all. Anyway, I’m being a good boy and demanding my Joint Care+ stick on a daily basis. I’m actually asking for them a lot more often than that, but sadly it’s only one a day. I wonder if they could make some little bite sized ones that we could have as treats as well…

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