Tuesday 31st July 2012 – What better to do on a Tuesday…

What better to do on a Tuesday than to read the papers? I had a bit of a look round and it seems we have piles and piles of them, but they are all out of date. Apparently they are ready for the next litter of puppies so that we don’t have to go begging around the village, and at the tip. It will also mean no one has to try to raid the recycling bin without being seen, or as last year, concussed! We also seem to be the world centre for the collection of plastic bags, which will be used to take all the poo and used newspaper away from the scene of devastation that the puppies will create. As I sat turning the pages of a newspaper from April of this year, I started to feel quite excited about the fact that if all goes well, in a few short weeks there will be tiny puppies peeing and pooing all over it. I haven’t heard if Shadow has started her season yet, but it will be sometime in the next three weeks if things go as expected, which of course they never seem to in our house. It may be that my Mistress has to take her straight to Switzerland whilst they are away, or they may come home to see me in between the two trips. Shadow’s new boyfriend is a very handsome chap, so I do hope she likes him. Something tells me they could have lovely puppies if all goes well. I just have to keep reminding my Mistress that under no circumstances will we be keeping one from this litter. If I’m being honest, I think she really does know that now and she has lovely homes already lined up for them so she will be quite happy when it is time for them to leave us.

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